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Our aim is to help you successfully tackle problem behaviours and whatever is causing pain in your life. Whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling, or attitudes and beliefs, we are here to provide you with a proven programme of recovery and transformation from your computer or mobile device.

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Partners in Recovery provides an enriched Online Programme that has helped countless clients overcome their problem behaviours and addictions. Our unparalleled online methods, help participants via one-to-one meetings, online video tutorials, coursework and mutual support groups. Our  7- week and 13-week courses are unmatched and have been created for individuals of all backgrounds, ages and academic levels.

Our founder David Golding, is a recovered, alcoholic, cocaine addict and gambling addict. David shares his experience, strength and hope so that we can be Partners to each other in recovery.

"Everything I have learnt over 15 years in recovery, I have distilled down into 5 simple steps. These are my personal learnings, including the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and so much more. Daily tools that help us navigate the stresses of life without running away anymore and living a life in sobriety."

"These are the combined teachings of thousands of addicts that I have personally listened to, shared my story with, and hundreds of individual alcoholics and addicts that I have personally worked with" says David.

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