As an Instructor, Trainer or Coaching Partner, our digital marketing services are designed to increase your student numbers, quickly and GUARANTEED.

We work with Coaching Partner's on numerous Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) such as Udemy.com, as well as Instructors and trainers, who want to promote their course quickly to a huge and reliable number of students.

You can Partner with us, as long as your course is available online and has the capacity to accept coupon codes that you generate for us.

*We do not promote courses that are already available free.

The Partners Programme will promote your course to our worldwide student base.

Our students are proprietary OPT IN students looking for unique, new and exciting courses at a discount or for free. 

We GUARANTEE our results. We GUARANTEE student enrolments for our accredited Partners.

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David Golding is a Physicist, Entrepreneur & Recovery Coach.

Use Case: 

David first created a course and published it using Udemy.com

Using his marketing skills he found a way to launch the course and sign-up over 2,500 students within the first week. This enabled his course to be listed by Udemy as a 'featured course'.

If you want to propel your course numbers into the stratosphere, gain quick creditability by boosting student numbers, then sign up for the Partners Programme.

We have a dedicated and growing database of willing and eager Students.

Our service is GUARANTEED to increase your course numbers.

Our service is FREE for Instructors at this time.

How it works (Udemy example): 

1. Our service relies on Instructors creating an EXCLUSIVE promotional coupon code.

2. For example, our Instructor Partner, chooses the "Free: 3-day Unlimited" coupon.

3. The Partner notify us of the course link, including the EXCLUSIVE FREE coupon code

4. Partners email the link to our growing database of Students.  These are OPT IN (GDPR compliant) Student clients of ours who have subscribed to receive these links.

5. Students receive the link, according to their course preferences.

6. Students enrol in your course, or not depending on choice.

7. Our Students will also review your course. Honestly. Increased student enrolments and reviews of your course will make it more popular on the Udemy platform.

If you want to enquire, use our form below or book a FREE Zoom call with our founder David Golding